Celebrating the amazing Delorean Time Machine Vehicle from

Celebrating the amazing Delorean Time Machine Vehicle from “Back to the Future”

This website is dedicated to Delorean time machine car as it appeared in the film “Back to the Future.”  Our goal is to share beautiful images of what is without question the coolest film car ever put on screen.  The car featured on this site is a fully functioning, street legal vehicle, customized to look exactly like the time machine as seen in the first film.  Every wire, every hose, every detail has been recreated.  All interior electronics light up, make sounds, and function as they did in the film.  This includes fully-programmable “Time Circuits” and, of course, the “Flux Capacitor.”  Commissioned from master craftsman Gary Weaver II, it represents a shared love and respect for the design of the car, the craft of everyone involved in making the original film, and the enormous impact it has had on a generation.  That generation now finds itself deeply nostalgic for the 80s, and this car serves as an icon to one of the brightest spots of that decade.  I hope you will share your thoughts by commenting on the pictures found on the site.  More pictures will be uploaded as they become available.